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Government Affairs Director

Posted: 02/24/2023

Assist Executive Officer (EO) in conducting the Kitsap Building Association (KBA) governmental affairs efforts. The Government Affairs Director (GAD) reports directly to the EO. There will be annual reviews of the GAD, performed by the EO and reviewed by the Executive Committee.
The Government Affairs Director shall perform and assist with the following duties:
A. Assist in planning, organizing, coordinating and conducting the government affairs
program of the KBA.
B. Attend Government Affairs Committee meetings of the association as directed.
C. Monitor the activity of local cities and Kitsap County, their departments, advisory
committees, hearing examiner and local taxing districts through staff and member
D. Assist with coalition building between the KBA and the Realtors, other business interests
and other groups on industry concerns.
E. Obtaining legislation and regulations and provide analysis for policy development.
F. Organizing and coordinating grassroots member lobbying efforts for the KBA.
G. Provide regular reports and briefing to Government Affairs Committee, Developers
Council and other committees, councils and Board of Directors as directed.
H. Supervise the process of determining candidates and ballot issues to support, and provide
assistance to campaigns endorsed by the KBA or its political action committee.
I. Assist with the analysis of laws and regulations proposed by local government that may
have an impact on the industry.
J. Attending and participating in government and community meetings.
A. Gathering and facilitation of the writing and dissemination of information regarding
regulatory and legislative activity in Kitsap County.
B. Creation and distribution of issue briefing papers for members attending public meetings
on behalf of the KBA.
C. Produce the twice monthly “Kitsap Issues In Action” email report to members.
D. Preparation of newsletter and other KBA publication articles on issues and activities of the
governmental affairs program as directed.
E. Compiling informational packets, programs and publications on regulatory issues.
F. Preparation regular written updates on the legislative issues that concern the housing
G. Provide the development and coordination of the regulatory/legislative alerts for the KBA.
H. Keep the Executive Officer, and leadership and members advised of legislative and
regulatory issues.
I. Developing testimony to local officials on proposed laws, regulations and issues on interest
to the industry.
J. Assist with press requests and relations as directed.
A. Assist the Executive Officer with administration, coordination and other Administrative
duties as directed.
B. Assist with special assignments and other duties as directed by the Executive Officer.
C. Agenda preparation for the Legislative Committee, Developers Council and other
committee and council meetings as directed.
D. Assist EO in maintenance of website.
E. Maintaining information on public officials and candidates.
F. Creating and maintaining information files on issues and disseminate information to
members as necessary.
G. Primary staff for the KBA Government Affairs Committee, Developers Council and other
Committees and Councils as assigned and will keep all minutes and reports as directed.
H. Tracking and disseminating the times, dates and locations of regulatory agency's meetings
and important issues that will be discussed at each meeting.
I. Perform other duties and tasks as assigned.

Salary: $18 - $31.52 an hour 

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